Recent medical research indicates cannabis is an effective alternative for treating stress, anxiety, pain, depression,  headaches and insomnia. Many consumers have used cannabis to manage diseases and conditions like MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, epilepsy, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, glaucoma and autism. Recent studies also indicate positive benefits for pain relief and show evidence of helping to eliminate opioid pain addiction. 



Our non-psychotropic product, TabRelief, comes in two forms: a unique, small, effervescent tablet or in a single-serve powder sachet that dissolves instantly in any hot or cold liquid. Both forms deliver all the benefits of medical cannabis without 'the high'. This is because its active ingredient, THCa,  is non-psychotropic. There are no disassociative effects or cognitive impairment upon ingestion. We think this will allow people to maintain their normal daily routines. 


Another innovation is our ability to make Delta-9 distillate (THC) into a water-soluble powder or tablet. This extends the use of cannabis without the hazards of smoking or vaping.

Ours is a truly discreet delivery system. These products are simple to carry, store and use. Unlike some edibles,

our dosage level is precise and our ingredients are tested rigorously for purity and potency.