The story starts with our co-founder, Mike Gulyas, a noted personal trainer. He found that protein powder supplements had to be scooped from a large jug and mixed in a big shaker bottle. It was messy and inconvenient. Plus, he never knew how much protein he was actually taking. Mike began experimenting at home with a manual tablet-press, many varieties of plant protein and something called super disintegrates. His aim was to build a better protein supplement. It worked and here’s why:


  • It's convenient. TabProtein effervescent tablets dissolve instantly in any liquid, hot or cold. 

  • It tastes great. Unflavored, it takes on the flavor of the liquid in which it's dissolved. TabProtein also is available in a variety of flavors. Just drop our tablets into any bottle or container. It’s ready to drink immediately.

  • It's portable and fits easily in a pocket or a purse. 

  • It comes in an assured dosage. You know exactly how much protein you are using every time.

  • It is a healthy mixture of clean, all natural, plant-based protein that is sourced from North America. It contains no GMOs. It’s vegan and lactose-free.


TAB Protein is great for exercise enthusiasts. Weight loss. And for men, women, young adults and seniors who have a diet that is protein deficient. You might say that TabProtein works well for every body.




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