This remarkable product combines two cannabinoids, CBD and CBDa with this formulation providing 10 mg doses of each active ingredient. What’s exciting about CBD/CBDa is that it helps relieve pain and inflammation through two different pathways in the body; the endocannabinoid system and the nervous system. CBD/CBDa comes in an effervescent tablet, in a single-serving powder sachet or as a bulk powder that can be added at the point of production to any food or beverage. There are two patent-pending applications associated with this CBD/CBDa product along with significant ongoing university research.



The father of modern cannabinoids, Dr Rafael Mechoulam, believes CBDa is 1,000 times more potent than CBD for relieving nausea and anxiety. It’s significantly anti-inflammatory too, and we currently are in university trials examining this potent cannabinoid as an alternative to corticosteroids. The implication of an all-natural plant-based alternative to steroids would be a dramatic therapeutic breakthrough. Our CBDa is available as a powder in single-serving sachets, as a tablet and in bulk powder form that can be added at the point of production. Importantly, our CBDa is extracted using a cold-water process, then stored in climate-controlled conditions.


CBN is the cannabinoid that promotes sleep. Our CBN product does not contain other sleep aids such as melatonin, a natural hormone in the body that often is added in synthetic form to some CBD Sleep formulations. Like all of our products, TabCBN is convenient to use, tastes good and is more bioavailable due to our water-soluble delivery system and proprietary all-natural effervescent ingredients. TabCBN is available as powder in single-serving sachets, in tablet form and as a bulk powder that can be added at the point of production. It’s a natural way to a better night’s sleep.



Delta-8 is a popular cannabinoid these days and our product formulation is a big seller. Delta-8 is mildly psychotropic and for many people, delivers a refreshed feeling the next morning. Our innovation makes Delta 8 into a water-soluble powder or effervescent tablet that can be mixed in any hot or cold liquid. We're producing CBN on a white-label basis or as bulk powder to be added to beverages or food at the point of production.  Our CBN formulation offers the advantages of great taste and smell, improved bioavailability and an assured dose. In the US, regulations vary for Delta-8 on a state-by-state basis. Globally, we can license Delta 8 production, using commonly available production equipment and production space of about 500-600 square feet



THC-V is a cannabinoid that promotes energy. Interestingly, our water-soluble THC-V product derives its active ingredient from bio-engineered yeast. It's cost-effective and contains neither cannabis nor CBD. Our attorneys tell us that there are no regulatory headwinds for import, export or sale. Like all of our products, THC-V is available as a powder in a single-serving sachet, as a tablet or in bulk powder form.


All of our products are rigorously tested by an independent third-party lab for purity and potency.