Our innovative plant-based botanical terpene powder contains no cannabis or CBD. It mixes quickly and evenly in any hot or cold liquid delivering a pleasant taste and smell (unlike cannabis or hemp-derived CBD terpenes). Since these botanical terpenes are derived from plants that have been consumed regularly by people for hundreds, if not thousands, of years (and they contain zero cannabis or CBD), they are not constrained for import-export or sale by regulatory authorities. What’s more, they are produced in a cGMP facility and carry a light powder load. Specifically, 50,000 - 10 mg doses of botanical terpenes and attendant effervescent powder packed in a moisture-resistant container, weighs just 6 Kilos.

Our two most popular botanical terpene varieties are:

ENERGY - Delivers a feeling of vitality along with a mild orange taste and smell

CALMING - Delivers a feeling of well-being along with a mild grape taste and smell