Tab CBD Mix-In Powder is an easy way to integrate CBD into your daily routine. It dissolves fast in any hot or cold liquid. Unflavored it takes on the flavor of the liquid in which it is mixed. Unflavored, CBD Mix-In Powder delivers great tasting orange, lemon and mixed berry varieties. CBD Mix-in Powder is made with all-natural USA ingredients Including USA hemp.  We feature broad-spectrum THC-free, Nano-free CBD.


Tab CBD Protein Powder packs a powerful one-two punch of high-quality vegan organic, plant protein artfully blended with broad-spectrum THC-free, Nano-free CBD. Our protein powder has a delicious chocolate taste and an impressive amino acid profile. This product is great pre and post-workout or as part of a weight management regimen.  It’s available under our Sigh CBD brand, white-label or in bulk powder form. 



With Tab CBD Tea we’ve solved the problems of producing high quality, great-tasting CBD tea and then delivering an exact CBD dosage in the brewed cup. The secret is our patent-pending effervescent delivery system that does its magic in a specially designed teabag, It releases the CBD quickly and evenly, but not the tea leaves.  We have produced an excellent green tea, but also offer many other popular tea varieties including chamomile, green tea, black tea and mint tea. We use the highest quality tea available, most often from the state of Assam in India.



Give your furry friend this potent CBD packed pet powder. Tails will be wagging with just a few sprinkles on your pet’s wet or dry food. Like all of our products, we use high-quality THC-free hemp-derived CBD powder grown in the USA. This CBD Pet Sprinkle features an all-natural peanut butter flavor pets love. You can get this product branded under our Sigh Pet Sprinkle name, white-label or as a powdered ingredient. All of the ingredients in this product are human food-grade and we conduct the same rigorous independent lab testing on our pet products as we do with our people products.